A Hyde Park Lifestyle Shoot

I have photographed this family since their wedding reception – and now they have three amazing kiddos!

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Happy birthday Brianna :)

This is the girl with the gorgeous eyes and I fall in love with her more and more every time I photograph her!


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Happy birthday Olivia :)

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Turning 1 x 2

Happy 1st birthday to the Walsh twins!

amber Autumn


A wedding and the first snow of the season!

Congrats to this classy couple on their recent wedding 🙂  It was, by far, one of my top three favorite venues ever – Salvage 1.  Great evening all around!

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Oh the light and the faces!

The BEST light to shoot in is the “golden hour” that happens right before sunset. Photographers fight for it in the more popular locations 🙂  This shoot is one of my favorites from the 2014 fall season!

IMG_3307_1 IMG_3336 IMG_3084 IMG_3256 IMG_3283 IMG_3332

Some holiday cheer!

girls autumn amber greta

Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa, we’ve been good!

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Blue eyes!

Photographing bright blue eyes always gets me excited and this family tops the list of best eyes! Thanks for being troopers and braving the bitter cold that day 🙂

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Playing in the cold rain and snow :)

This cute couple braved the COLD rain and snow in downtown Chicago to capture some memorable photos to celebrate their engagement! 0C7A5991 0C7A5850 IMG_5697-2 0C7A6023-2 0C7A5941-2 0C7A5913-20C7A5880