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Oh the light and the faces!

The BEST light to shoot in is the “golden hour” that happens right before sunset. Photographers fight for it in the more popular locations 🙂  This shoot is one of my favorites from the 2014 fall season!

IMG_3307_1 IMG_3336 IMG_3084 IMG_3256 IMG_3283 IMG_3332

Some holiday cheer!

girls autumn amber greta

Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa, we’ve been good!

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Alivia as she grows!

Sunset shoots are always the best!! I had the pleasure of photographing Alivia when she was a newborn…and look how this little beauty as grown!

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Autumn and Families make for GREAT combinations!

Citizens Park in Barrington, IL was a GREAT spot for this family shoot! I have photographed here before, but never on this side of the park.  Also, thanks to the Swisher Family for the donation of the hay bales.

IMG_2529 IMG_2431 IMG_2524 IMG_2708 IMG_2659 IMG_2738 IMG_2557 IMG_2616

These two are too cute for words!

This shoot went so well that we had time to play in the yard afterwards!  I hope your trip to the zoo afterwards was a blast little Cayden 🙂  A little bribery never hurts!

IMG_2396 IMG_2234 IMG_2287 IMG_2187 IMG_2250 IMG_2313



Welcome little Matthew!

IMG_0129 IMG_0250e IMG_0050-2 IMG_0155 IMG_0105e

Welcome Calvin!!

Calvin elena

5 going on 30!

IMG_0203 IMG_0246 IMG_0488 IMG_0225 IMG_0353 IMG_0260 IMG_0411 IMG_0302 IMG_0398 IMG_0483 IMG_0557

All a glee with three!!!

IMG_8639 IMG_8523 IMG_8757 IMG_8560 IMG_8538 IMG_8553 IMG_8706 IMG_8821 IMG_8904