Autumn and Families make for GREAT combinations!

Citizens Park in Barrington, IL was a GREAT spot for this family shoot! I have photographed here before, but never on this side of the park.  Also, thanks to the Swisher Family for the donation of the hay bales.

IMG_2529 IMG_2431 IMG_2524 IMG_2708 IMG_2659 IMG_2738 IMG_2557 IMG_2616

These two are too cute for words!

This shoot went so well that we had time to play in the yard afterwards!  I hope your trip to the zoo afterwards was a blast little Cayden 🙂  A little bribery never hurts!

IMG_2396 IMG_2234 IMG_2287 IMG_2187 IMG_2250 IMG_2313



Welcome little Matthew!

IMG_0129 IMG_0250e IMG_0050-2 IMG_0155 IMG_0105e

Autumn shoots are the best!

IMG_1745 swisher three IMG_1993 IMG_1974 IMG_1961 IMG_0053 IMG_1824