Another wedding from the summer 2015 season

IMG_0149 IMG_0238 IMG_0249 IMG_0302 IMG_9256 IMG_9279 IMG_0117

One classy family!

IMG_0011 IMG_0032 IMG_0076 IMG_0050 IMG_0063

Welcome Calvin!!

Calvin elena

So many summer brides!

Here is one wedding of many from this summer that I’d like to share!

IMG_0143 IMG_0017 IMG_0183 IMG_0030 IMG_0051 IMG_0057 IMG_0094 IMG_0256 IMG_0325 IMG-432

5 going on 30!

IMG_0203 IMG_0246 IMG_0488 IMG_0225 IMG_0353 IMG_0260 IMG_0411 IMG_0302 IMG_0398 IMG_0483 IMG_0557

Her spirit is as cute as she is!

IMG-8 IMG-33 IMG-17