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Chief Hosa Lodge – Golden, CO

Such a beautiful ceremony and couple 🙂 The hugs were the most sincere I’ve seen in a long time!

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Grant-Humphreys Mansion in Denver

A recent wedding in downtown Denver. All of the photos are SOOC (straight out of camera) – meaning NO edits, except the one of the flower girl sticking her tongue out.

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Wedding Details are the best!

I love shooting weddings and all the moving parts that come along with this amazingly special day.  Detail shots are my favorite part!

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A wedding and the first snow of the season!

Congrats to this classy couple on their recent wedding 🙂  It was, by far, one of my top three favorite venues ever – Salvage 1.  Great evening all around!

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Another wedding from the summer 2015 season

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So many summer brides!

Here is one wedding of many from this summer that I’d like to share!

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Such a GORGEOUS couple! Congrats to Jenna and Scott :)

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Love this couple! Congratulations to Paul and Renee!

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